Hypnosis for Birthing in Nelson, BC

Come in for a free one hour consultation to explore the advantages of using hypnobirthing during your pregnancy, birth and post-partum journey.

Would you like to:

  • Birth your baby without pain medication?
  • Remain calm, relaxed and comfortable during birthing?
  • Enjoy a quicker birthing?
  • Advocate for yourself during your birth experience?
  • Feel in control and empowered?
  • Enjoy a calmer baby (born without medical interventions)?
  • Reduce the likelihood of post-partum depression?
  • Enjoy a faster recuperation and return to pre-pregnancy shape and size?
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I arrived at the hospital at 6 p.m., zero centimetres dilated but contracting regularly. And he arrived naturally at 12:36 am. I know I couldn’t have done this without you! You’ve given me so much confidence and strength throughout this pregnancy.

~ S.F., Nelson, BC

Why has the Birthing Experience Changed So Drastically for Mothers?

Before birthing fell under the realm of the western medical system in Canada roughly 120 years ago, a mother’s chance of a natural, healthy birthing experience for herself and her baby was about 96%. This was with the assistance of friends, families and midwives only.

In 1895, the Ontario government defeated the Haycock Bill, which would have allowed certified midwives to work in the province. Despite this, a home birth, including midwife-assisted births, was the most common birthing experience in Ontario until the late 1930s. However by 1950 less than 10% of births took place in the home.

Today in the United States the rate of natural birth with no interventions, no medication or surgery, is less then 2%. That is, less than 2% of babies in the States are born without the side effects of pain medication, general anesthetic and/or surgery. The ceasarean rate averages 33 percent but varies greatly by location. Canada’s rates are slightly better but again, depend on the region.

We are the only mammals that use the assistance of others in our births. All other mammals, including cats, dogs, wild animals, etc., simply birth their young and then turn their attention to caring for them. If we turn the clock back thousands of years, it would have been the same for humans.

Other mammals do not fear birth but simply move through it. What is the difference between human mothers and other mammal mothers? The answer is, the human mind. The thinking, the worry, the beliefs and the influence of others’ worries, stories and beliefs.

For other mammals, the only element operating is instinct. The main instinct is to find a safe place to birth. If there are predators near or the animal does not feel safe, the mother will stop or slow her labour until she finds a safe place to birth her young.

Humans have this same instinct for safety but there are many more things that can make a woman feel unsafe. She may feel unsafe because of stories she has heard about other’s births, instability in her living situation or relationship. There may be unresolved emotional traumas from her past that surface during birthing.

The main change in the evolution of humans has been the evolution of the mind. The unfortunate side of having this highly developed mind is that we have a collection of fears, worries and habits accumulated over our years. Many of these fears and worries do not make conscious sense but they are there, stored in our subconscious minds.

In short, the modern human mind often gets in the way of a simple, natural birth. There isn’t much that the mind is needed for during birth if the mother has helpers taking care of mom’s basic comfort and safety. So the best way to achieve a comfortable, healthy birthing experience is to get the modern, complicated mind out of the way. Sink into a relaxed trance state and dive down into the beauty of an instinctual, natural birthing experience.

The trance state, whether you prefer to call it an hypnotic state or meditation, moves you into the alpha or theta brain wave levels where the mother can achieve deep relaxation and allow her birth to proceed calmly and painlessly. You are completely aware in the trance state and will recall everything once out of trance, but you are deeply relaxed. In the rare event that medical interventions are required, the mother can remain in the trance state and continue to use hypnosis to ease her through any required medical interventions.

Seeing Susan for hypnobirthing was one of the best decisions I made during my first pregnancy. Not only did it provide me with the tools to feel in control of my pregnancy and birth experience but it also set me up with tools to use in my everyday life. I truly feel hypnotherapy played a huge role in allowing me to stick to my birth plan, and go through 24.5 hrs of labour with a baby in posterior position and stay pain medication and intervention free. I would recommend her to all pregnant women and their partners who want to feel calm and in control of their birth experience.

~ R.B., British Columbia

Six Session Birthing Hypnosis Package

The six session birthing hypnosis package is preceded by a free one hour consultation during which I will explain how hypnosis for birthing works, address any specific concerns or requests that you have and then determine if we are a good fit for one another.

Once you have booked, we will meet for six, 75 minute, private hypnosis sessions at my office in the Manistone Centre for Well Being in Nelson, BC (or over Skype for those outside of the Kootenay region).

Each session will have a specific focus and will also reinforce any material covered in previous sessions. Sessions are customized for you and I give special attention to eliminating any concerns or fears you have about pregnancy, the birthing process and becoming a mama. Issues covered in hypnosis include:

  • Reducing morning sickness.
  • Maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits.
  • Eliminating any fears about birthing, pre-existing conditions, or becoming a mama.
  • If required, turning the baby from a breech position.
  • Conditioning you to relax deeply with the sounds of your birthing music.
  • Trusting your body’s instinctual birthing abilities.
  • Balancing your hormones and emotions.
  • Bonding with your baby.
  • Learning to bring yourself into self-hypnosis and adjust your trance depth.
  • Conditioning you to recognize each contraction (surge) as an opening process, bringing you closer to your baby.
  • Altering your sense of time so that the time during surges feels brief and the time between, lengthy and restorative.
  • Insulating you from potential negative birthing space sounds or language.
  • Speeding recovery after birth.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Improving breastfeeding success.

Your partner or support person is welcome to join us for one or two sessions so that he or she can learn how to help you relax more deeply during the birthing. If desired, a session can also focus on helping your birthing partner feel more relaxed about the birthing process. Having a calm, relaxed, helpful birthing partner is magic during birth!

We didn’t know much about hypnotherapy before meeting with Susan. As parents of a young family, we decided to get tools in order to give birth as naturally as possible and cope better with our challenges. The VBAC was 100% natural and we now use hypnotherapy daily to help us relax and send positive messages to ourselves.

~ A happy couple, Nelson, BC

Complete package, including customized-for-you MP3 self-hypnosis audio recording:


Enjoy a calm, natural, pain-free birth.

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All sessions take place at the ManiStone Centre in downtown Nelson, BC. For those outside of the Castlegar, Trail and Rossland areas, we can do Skype sessions on request. You can also book a private hypnotherapy session with me for physical or emotional healing.  See the other links on this site for more information about how hypnotherapy helps with physical illness and emotional trauma. A free one hour consultation is offered to all first time clients.
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Susan Noppe, RCH

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